The FBI: get your own hackers!


The FBI, along with other government agencies, must stop acting like lazy, fat old men who throw a temper-tantrum the moment frustration hits and, instead, aggressively seek out and employ the best-and-brightest technologists – ergo, hackers. In other words, the FBI needs to get “lean and mean,” trim down and thrive on the insane energy of hanging off the cutting-edge. Fortune writes,

The FBI spent approximately two months trying to crack into Farook’s iPhone 5c, but failed. In February, the U.S. Justice Department sued for Apple’s help in unlocking the device. A magistrate judge sided with the Justice Department and ruled that Apple would be required to create software that would help the FBI’s efforts. Apple countered, saying it would not help the agency for fear of violating personal privacy. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that helping the FBI unlock Farook’s iPhone could set a “dangerous precedent” and violate all of its users’ digital privacy.

FBI warned agents not to share tech secrets with prosecutors

WASHINGTON — The FBI guards its high-tech secrets so carefully that officials once warned agents not to share details even with federal prosecutors for fear they might eventually go on to work as defense attorneys, newly disclosed records show.

It sure doesn’t look as if the new FBI headquarters will be named after J …

For 41 years J. Edgar Hoover’s name has graced the entrance of the FBI’s headquarters, the hulking building on Pennsylvania Avenue he lived three years too short to see completed. But as the FBI advances plans to move to a larger, more secure campus, …